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Come over & sit down, dear.

Everything we do here is about changing your life.

Grab an answer to a question. Anything else I can help you with?

Our world’s society is shifting, and little by little outdated ways of dealing with humanity’s challenges become redundant. Facing problems in a mainly masculine way won’t help us here from my point of view. This doesn’t mean that masculine approaches are bad in general and should be replaced. It means that we need to decide whether an old method, rooted in a patriarchal society, will suit us all – or a feminine way that hasn’t been used before. It’s time to change lives and businesses to help humanity and planet earth in a feminine way. We know how to receive, we know how to give birth, we know how to help during times of growth. This is true for children and business projects. We just need seed in the beginning. The female tools and methods I provide with my work are seeds.

Perfect. Feeling lost and being stuck means you (most likely) have a reason to find your way out. I assume you don’t like to live in the state you’re in right now? I offer a tool kit without a “one size fits all” mentality. I work individually because that is what you are: an individual. You are unique and so is your path to your purpose. I promise to use the instruments we need to play to get you (back) on track. Check the client’s voices below!

There are some first-aid helpers, of course! Check out the “Tools and Resources” area in the menu. Just be aware that the essential things are not written down in books. They cannot be found via google either. Your very own path is written inside of you.

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Whether we’ve already met each other in person or not, after having spent 20 years investigating, observing, and then coaching and consulting people and their companies, I came to that conclusion: If you have a deep desire to add something onto this world to make it a better place, you will get all the help you need to make the good things happen IF IT IS YOUR PURPOSE! It just takes patience, consistency, and most important: your love for life and deep love for yourself while walking the path. And always remember: You are not alone. We are in this together.

Make a wish! Would you like to have a real and non-digital experience? A session where we shake hands and give hugs and high-fives? As I’m made and based in Europe, our meeting will most likely take place in the Barcelona area (Spain) or Munich area (Germany).

Or do you want a session where you can chill on your own couch while working with me? Then I can offer Zoom, Skype, or classical phone calls as well.

I even write E-Mails and answer phone messages – whoop, whoop!

Want me to join your team for a while? Maybe because you need some fresh, creative air in your company or project? Hire me! I’m a called girl, called by my calling. I help people to thrive and raise their businesses by opening doors to find new solutions. Together we make the world a better place.

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If there’s anything you care about in life with all your heart AND you turn that desire or ache into a business then you have a “good business” I can help you with. As a result, your product or service provides something that makes the life of others (humans, animals, plants, microorganisms, E.T.´s children…) better. You don’t do your work because it just pays your bills. You do the work because it would kill you to NOT do it. And hey: In the beginning most of us have different jobs to support our real life’s until the business-baby can walk itself. So there’s no excuse like “My idea just doesn’t work because I don´t make enough money.” Don’t expect your baby to take care of you – first, you take care of the baby by getting a job that supports both of you until the “baby good business” becomes a grown-up.

“Good people” care about the life of others as much as they care about their own everyday struggles. They ask themselves: How can I add my own gifts and talents to help (any kind of living creature)? They respect and meet their own needs while being aware of the impact it has on others. They thrive for balance. They take responsibility. They lead and connect with others.

A good intention is any loving intention that had been called by a human’s inner voice or guidance. Some people call it intuition. Or gut feeling. Or the connection to God. Or Great Divine. Or Universe. What I found out about people’s good intentions is this: They all thrive for a better, healthier world or local community or small group of people. People with good intentions all want to become a better version of themselves. If that sounds familiar to you, you might have a “good intention” that will serve your life and business – and as a consequence, it will also affect the lives of others in a positive way.



I’m dedicated to helping you
to find out what really matters to you,
how to prioritize things and get
everything done while having enough time.

Here is a list of things I can do for your


Adiós anxiety

Maybe you are anxious about your future, partner, health, finances?
Allow your fear to show up. It’s got something to tell ya. That “something” will lead to a better life. Check out the free COMPASS course and learn why. Don’t: force yourself to constantly think positive when it results in suppressing fear. Anxiety or fear needs to be heard. Otherwise, they have to stick with you (being unnoticed, some fears have the tendency to stink like rotten camembert after a while). With a fearful mind you can’t do your job powerfully (got stuck?… let me help you!)

Come to mama, gifts and talents!

Does your current job suck? Studies at university turned out to be a dead-end?
spend your time getting better in areas that make you feel strong, full of energy, and confident.  Don’t: spend your time trying to fill gaps and becoming someone you are just not meant to be. We don’t need a watered-down version of you. We need your true you. The unique you that already has what it takes to thrive and rise. Focus on your gifts and talents and success will follow. Any idea how to do that? Need a hint? Gentle push? I can do this for you.

Bye, bye chaos and crisis

Aaah, that feeling when things are just right the way they are… Do you remember?
Embrace the suck and its nasty big brother pain. Welcome chaos. Give a high-five to crisis and every fear crossing your way. Look around, make a check, take the lessons and…leave as quickly as you can. Take the free COMPASS course to get to know the tools and methods. Don’t: Stay in chaos and crisis stadium for too long. Spending too much time in crisis is a waste of time and a waste of life. Got lost? No worries. There’s a tool and method for every situation.

What my clients say

She is a multi-passionate, talented highly gifted professional woman for every project that helps any living creature. With Sabrina I learned how to attract ideal clients to our veterinary clinic.

Working with Sabrina was, and still is, a very special experience. She’s using special tools my mind can follow most of the time… but she also does things I learned is her pure intuition talking to my own inner antenna- and I’m glad she’s not afraid to make it very clear to me that I should use my feminine side way more often, too ;)

If only I had known her earlier in life… whatever, now, it is done! Clear vision, clear direction, clarity in what to do – and what not to do

She became one of my favourite anchors in a business world full of fake personalities. She is true. She is honest. She is the kind of person you go to when everything is falling apart, because she won’t judge. She will be kind and will tell you what you need to hear. It´s painful sometimes AND I highly recommend it because it works.



I’m dedicated to helping you
to step into your life’s mission
and create the business
you most want to share with
this world.

Here is a list of things I can do for your


Sell your stuff with ease

Your clients don’t find their way to your shop or service? 

Do: Present yourself and your products or service to the right people. My #1 advice: Write the way you talk. Don’t: Copy&Paste from others.

Just in case you hear some weird voices in your head, making confusing statements about what you should write: I can help.

The business of your business is...

Not sure about your idea for a business?
Take action. Don’t: Sit and wait. Nothing else to say.

Ah, wait! There’s something coming to my mind:

Build your kind and good business with your unique gifts and talents. Let people know about it. Be prepared to face self-doubt and anxiety a lot. It comes in waves. Deal with it. Embrace fear. Be sure you will get into a crisis once in a while. We all do. If you follow your heart. Become a leader and do your service. May I help you?

Do better. Hire me.

Want to implement female tools and methods right into your project?
Get some fresh air & make me part of your team for a while. Don’t: Try to get everything done by yourself or blame your team members. We all have our natural talents and skills we’ve developed over time – but none of us can do everything.

Maybe I am the answer to your lack of knowledge or manpower? Call me! Check out my Bio to get an idea about my personality and skills. Have a look at the projects I’ve done so far. Please note: I am sticky. Once we’ve committed to doing the good work, we’re most likely staying together for quite some time.