Coaching, Consulting & Copywriting

Fancy moving onwards? Awesome. Hop in.

It’s that easy:

  1. Ask yourself this question:
    “Do I have anything going on in my life that bothers me?”
    If the answer is: “Gosh, YES!” then you go to step number 2.

  2. Here you write an E-Mail to – your chance to bleed your heart out ONLY if the last sentence of your E-Mail is this one:

  3. “Please Sabrina, call me to make an appointment so we can start a coaching routine that will help me thrive and rise beyond my current limitations. I really want this!”
    (you can copy/paste this one, I give you permission).

  4. Be ready to receive a reply from me after max. 48 hours where I will ask for time and date to get to know you via Zoom, Facetime, or old normal, old school phone call.

If we match (*confetti bomb!*), you will receive my terms and conditions.

I charge EUR 100,- per hour.

1:1 coaching sessions start from 60mins. to max. 120mins.

We meet as often as you need me right by your side (although I recommend that we separate during sleeping times). Honestly: The average client meets me every 3-4 weeks.

Want to start a business that will make the world a better place? Or you already have one & want to take it to the next level?

I have some good news for you! You can hire me as a consultant for

  • Developing business ideas
  • Finding ideal team members
  • Getting people into action
  • Connecting you with whomever you need
  • Finding the lack in your workflow
  • [insert here whatever you need and ask if I can help you with it]

There’s just one thing…

You have to be a wholehearted, purpose-driven business owner/company/organization. Otherwise, I cannot work for you.

My prices start from 600 EUR per day and 80 EUR per hour.

pssssst! Are you at the very, very beginning of your heart-driven business? E-Mail me at – sometimes I fall in love with the work of other people. That opens my heart as well as my money mindset. Be brave! Contact me and tell me why you love what you do.

I assume you´ve never worked with me? Ha! No big deal. Just try me on and we will see if we fit:

Our first date: 1 hour, 80 EUR for me and I will get my eyes only on your website, blog post, headline… whatever it is that you want me to direct my attention onto. Please note: I cannot summon a Genie in a bottle although I have my bright moments. What I will do is to tell you what needs to be changed and why. I will also ask you a few curious questions about your goals. I can do this easily, as I am a certified coach. Surprise!

A second date: It might not be a love story yet but if you´d like to see me again, we should talk about what we expect from each other. I charge EUR 80,- per hour of copywriting. That includes 2 makeovers (which is a lot in our field, just sayin´). We will talk about your budget, timelines, project details, past relationships with other copywriters and why you broke up (we won´t bring old baggage into our new relationship). As soon as everything is said and done (contracts included) we will change the world by selling your anything.

A lifelong romance: As I am very loyal to my clients, you might become one of those small or big companies who like to hire me before they even know when the new project is going to start. I will be truly honored by the time this happens! In fact, it is my goal to become your one and only.

What’s on your mind? Tell me!