What each individual human being finds within himself or herself, that person makes tangible for other people in our world. We are connected to each other, separation does not exist. It is a construct of the human mind and nourishes itself from fear. Fear can only be overcome by love. Not defeated! Love does not fight. It simply exists and automatically displaces darkness. You don’t have to do anything to make it happen except this one thing:

Give yourself permission to love and to be loved in return.

Start doing that NOW! Leave a comment on this page, e.g. if you have received an email from me asking you to give me feedback on a course. Maybe also after you have done a coaching session with me, listened to a podcast episode, read a text, maybe we’ve met each other in person or online…

Write me and other people what is on your mind and soul, what moves you or holds you back. You can also remain anonymous. Please, stick to my posting rules. I do not tolerate hurtful language. Constructive feedback is welcome.

What you write here will shape tomorrow’s course programme on this website, in my podcast episodes, in my texts and projects. Everything I make available in my shop serves to help you on your way to an improving life – professionally and privately.

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