Are you getting manipulated by free tool offerings?

There´s a very serious, humanity-threatening point of view poisoning the world. It occurs in many shapes. Brought to the core, it says this:
If you want to attract costumers and convince them to buy your products then you should give away some of your stuff for free. It´s because people want to try out things before they buy.“

In the wrong hands, this knife, that had been created for sharing bread and feed the hungry, becomes a weapon. It´s not just a mindset. It´s a responsibility to think like that. It´s a decision how you act as a result of this.

Are you getting manipulated?

So sales people have started to manipulate the markets. There´re freebies everywhere, playing with the human hearts and minds: As a human (not being a sociopath) you have the mechanism inside of you to give something in return if someone gave you a present. There are many sociological and psychological reasons for that behavior. Even spiritual issues kick in here. What some people who want to sell their stuff nowadays do, is this:

They give away things for free expecting you to buy. For that, they do everything it takes to manipulate you.

There´s a way to look at this with eyes wide open

Do you know that bad feeling when someone gave you a present and you had problems to take it because you didn´t bring one yourself?

That´s all you need to know. Just be aware of that. If you start buying things from someone to just feel better because you want to get rid of your bad conscience then most likely someone had been manipulating you to buy their stuff.

So, how do you identify people with products and services who really give away their free offers to help you from the heart because they know you might not have the money to pay for their work?

Let´s narrow it down a bit.

Have you ever made a present to a dear friend or close family member, knowing that this gift will touch their heart in a deep way because it means the world to them?

Well, this is exactly the way some good people with good products are acting on their markets.

If you ever have received a present from a dear friend or close family member that touched your heart in a warm, comforting way (it might have brought you to tears!) then you have all what it takes to identify the people you want to buy from.

It´s all about the money – or not?

The thing about these „good people with heartmade good products“ is this: When money comes into that „exchange game“ the whole situation often becomes unpleasant. As money is seen as something that rules the world, used by bad behaving, ego driven personalities, „good people“ have problems to ask for money. Because money is something the bloody rich bastards use against the „good people“.

There comes a problem along with that thinking. „Good people“  love to give away their products and services for free anyway. There´s no hidden agenda behind sharing what has been created by heart. So it feels better to not ask for money because money and heartfulness doesn´t go together in their eyes.

Adding real value to the life of people (or animals or plants or microorganisms…) is what keeps them going, fueling their mind, body and soul. So the work itself is fulfilling and this is the best condition you can have to face the challenges of life. Money won´t do that.

BUT. There´s a BIG but here.

Giving away everything you have to share to help people may not pay your bills. In some cases you will have to ask for something in return. It doesn´t have to be money, though! It might be something different, as for example

Your quality of actions will come back in return to you. Some people say „Karma is a bitch“. Well… it is all a point of view. Some point of views are like poison, some are medicine. You decide what you add into this world.